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          Locker Auctions

Ace Storage follows the Missouri and Illinois Lien Laws with regard to delinquent  accounts. When an account is seriously past due and despite our best efforts, a  particular customer does not make his/her payments as the Rental Agreement  and our Payment Policy specifies, Ace Storage will auction the contents of the  lockers in order to recover the amount of past due rent and other fees. Below is the auction schedule for 2016, but please know that auctions may be re-scheduled or cancelled at any time for a variety of reasons without updating this listing.  We always advise those who plan on attending to call prior to the auction to make sure that the auction will still take place.

Ace Storage Imperial storage auctions are conducted online at and bidding generally begins approximately one week prior to the auction date.  The first locker auction will end at 9:30, and each subsequent locker auction will end 5 minutes after the previous auction.  The auction dates for Imperial are as follows:

1/29/16                              7/29/16

2/26/16                              8/26/16

3/25/16                              9/30/16

4/29/16                            10/28/16

5/27/16                            11/25/16

6/24/16                            12/30/16

Ace Storage auctions at our Illinois facilities will begin a 9:30 a.m. in Cahokia then proceed to Collinsville and Pontoon Beach before finishing in Granite City.  The auction dates for our Illinois facilities are as follows:

1/15/16                             7/15/16

2/19/16                             8/19/16

3/18/16                             9/16/16

4/15/16                            10/21/16

5/20/16                            11/18/16

6/17/16                            12/16/16

Ace Storage auctions at our Herculaneum facility will be scheduled on an as-needed basis.  Please call our office for details.

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